Monday, August 8, 2011

Preserving Greytown's Main Street

In a previous blog I talked about the Greytown Heritage Trust of which I am chair.  Today we made a submission on a proposal to extend the Greytown Historic Heritage Precinct.

The Wairarapa is governed locally by three different territorial authorities.  These are the Masterton District Council, Carterton District Council and the South Wairarapa District Council.  A few years ago the three Councils worked together to implement a Wairarapa Combined District Plan.  This District Plan was publicly notified on 26 August 2006.

It is well recognised that Greytown’s Main Street is one area of the Wairarapa that has significant historic heritage.  This heritage arises as a consequence of the combined character and values associated with a number of the buildings and structures on the street.  Many of these individually may not be regarded as significant.  But collectively they are quite striking.

Only a small part of Greytown’s Main Street enjoys protection as a Historic Heritage Precinct.

Submitters on the District Plan back in 2006 requested extension of the Greytown Historic Heritage Precinct.  They were concerned about the loss of character and historic heritage of those areas of Main Street not protected by the Historic Heritage Precinct.  They highlighted recent developments as examples of the degradation that may occur in the future.

Representatives of the Councils agreed that additional controls are needed along Greytown’s Main Street to protect the streetscape and residential character of the area.  They also noted that the existing Design guidelines are applicable only to commercial properties.  They need to be reviewed to make them applicable for residential purposes.

The three Councils propose a change to the Wairarapa Combined District Plan to extend the Greytown Historic Heritage Precinct .  The change is described in Proposed Plan Change No 4 together with a map of the proposed Heritage Precinct Extension.

The Greytown Heritage Trust supports this proposal.

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