Monday, October 31, 2011

Council extends heritage precinct

mainstnorth.jpgA Combined Wairarapa Planning Committee recently adopted a proposal to extend Greytown’s Historic Heritage Precinct.

Greytown’s Main Street boasts many original colonial buildings housing trendy cafes, boutiques, art galleries and antique shops.  Its heritage charm is a real drawcard for visitors and a source of pride for locals.

Only a small part of Greytown’s Main Street has protection as a Historic Heritage Precinct.  In an earlier post I talked about a proposal to extend the precinct a block north and a block south.  On 23 September 2011 the Committee heard from four submitters who generally support the proposal, and one who opposes the proposal entirely.  The Greytown Community Heritage Trust, of which I am chair, was one of the four submitters in favour.

In a decision dated 13 October 2011 The Committee resolved to adopt Plan Change No 4 – Greytown Historic Heritage Precinct Extension.  The decision will now be publicly notified.  The plan change will be effective from the date of public notification.

I think it’s appropriate to acknowledge the foresight of those who originally made submissions on the Wairarapa Combined District Plan back in August 2006.  And the three Councils who have taken those submissions on board.

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