Monday, May 2, 2011

Dawn of a new day

Staff room

Well, first day in the new premises.  The move has gone really smoothly.  Leanne Cogswell and crew have done a wonderful job getting us moved.  I think the only thing that went wrong is that we didn’t have rubbish bins for a couple of days.  And the desk at reception was late arriving.  That’s all.

It makes me realise how dark and dingy our last building actually was.  I guess when you’ve been in the same environment for a while you stop noticing the bad bits.

I’ve ripped some photos off Facebook that one of our team posted.  Mental note to ask her if that is okay!

Work areas
We’ve gone for semi-open plan.  Offices for lawyers are around the perimeter of the building.  Walls on three sides. Solid walls on two sides up to eye level when seated, then glass to the ceiling above that.  No door.  It’s quite a major change to what we’re used to.  But it’s a good move.

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