Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weary traveller

It feels slightly unreal to be back home.  I’ve just spent the last 10 days in San Francisco attending the AIPLA and INTA conferences.  They happened to be back-to-back this year in the same city.

Our business involves a lot of relationships with lawyers in different countries.  Our New Zealand based clients operate in global markets.  Global markets require an international approach.  We are licensed to represent clients before the patent offices of New Zealand and Australia (IPONZ and IP Australia respectively).  We also deal direct with many of our nearby Pacific Islands.

Where our clients want some advice or IP registration in other countries we look to our international networks.  These international conferences are a good opportunity to form relationships with intellectual property lawyers and patent attorneys in countries in which our clients need advice.  It works both ways.  Another part of our business is representing international clients before the IPONZ and IP Australia.

We find ourselves promoting New Zealand and Australia in other ways too.  There are two kinds of attorneys I meet when I’m travelling.  Those that have visited New Zealand.  And those that intend to visit New Zealand.  I’m often asked what to see and do.  Most of the people that do visit come here for a few weeks and bring their families.  So I’ve put together a map of New Zealand highlights.

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